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Blueprint Your Bestsellar by Stuart Horwitz

The Book is Out

Some believe there is no single method by which a literary work can be created and revised…
We disagree.

The Book Architecture Method

Whether you’re writing a novel, seeking a ghostwriter, or looking to publish a book from your non-fiction expertise, today’s publishing world can be confusing.

When do I need a book editor? How is that different from a book doctor? Should I pursue self-publishing? How do I know when my book is done?

At Book Architecture, we’re experts on book structure and book revision—in fact we’ve written the book: Blueprint Your Bestseller.

The Book Architecture Method has helped New York Times-bestselling authors of fiction and non-fiction; our clients have appeared on Oprah, The Today Show and the Tonight Show.

With deep connections in the publishing industry and fifteen years of experience we provide the tools of the trade so you can focus on writing a book and enjoying your very own written success.

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Stuart Horwitz

Stuart Horwitz Principal

Stuart has so energetically engaged my book that he has made the project more sound, dynamic, and alive. Stuart's method has made me a better writer and led my efforts to have even more depth and resonance than I had imagined.”

—Reverend Ed Bacon, host of Oprah Radio Soul Series

What Do I Need?

Darn this publishing world in flux.

See Blueprint Your Bestseller LIVE, coming to a conscious gathering place near you…

The Wheel of Process

What if life was not convoluted, but circular?

We've arranged our most beneficial observations about writing and publishing into familiar categories – and we've put it all on a WHEEL!

Click here to spin and learn.

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