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It’s Anti-Cliche Day

Did you know that there are people who go through an entire day and never say an original word? Not you, of course. You’re a writer who tries to figure out what you really think, and when you do that it has no choice but to come out in a fresh and uncompromised way.

But it’s true. We hear phrases and we pass them around, a kind of cultural currency designed to indicate that we belong and we won’t threaten anybody. Here at Book Architecture, however, we nominate today as anti-cliche day. Which means when we write we won’t describe things as they have been described before. We won’t use phrases that roll of the tongue (like that one) that people before us, and people before them, have used to cover the ground that we are covering.

Today we are going to dig in, and say something new. Or we won’t open our mouths at all.

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