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Announcing the 1st Annual Book Architecture GIT-R-DONE Travel Grant

Last year, we traveled 19 states to tell the story of Doris Buffett’s unique philanthropy. Crafted with co-writer, Anita Mumm, and accompanied by Stephanie Craigs dynamic images, LETTERS TO DORIS: One Woman’s Quest to Help Those with Nowhere Else to Turn presents a slice of the heartwarming and selfless community that Doris created through her Letters Foundation. One thing that working with the Letters Foundation has taught us is that our charitable giving has been all…over..the…place. Executive Director, Amy Kingman, challenged us to really think about where we wanted to focus our efforts. What do we think is most helpful for the writers that we work with?

The answer was resoundingly clear: A travel stipend for the author of a work-in-progress to get away and finish the damn thing.

Book Architecture thrives as a finish line business.

Our proudest testimonials go something like: “We’ve been thinking as an organization of doing a book for ten years and with your help we were holding it in 9 months.”



Without further ado, then, the Particulars:

Grant Money Awarded: $2,500. Book Architecture will also provide 1 hr. of coaching prior to departure to help you get clear on your production goals and 1 hr. of coaching while you are away to help you stay on track.

Deadline: Jan. 15th, 2020, to BAGrant@bookarchitecture.com

Submission Criteria: 10 pages of writing (max 2,500 words) from a work-in-progress of any genre, along with a 1-page cover letter (max 400 words). This cover letter should answer the following three questions:

  1. Why will getting away from the unending stream of responsibilities (children, aging parents, day jobs, chores, etc.) help you push this project over the top… i.e, git-r-done? We want to know things like: How long have you been working on it? What number draft is this? How clearly can you see the finish line, etc.?
  2. What good is this project doing you? Who were you before this project started and who do you hope to be when it ends?
  3. What good is this project doing the world? Like, really. We’re interested.


  • Grant money will not be delivered to recipients. Instead, travel expenses up to $2,500 will be paid directly by Book Architecture. Approved expenses include transportation, lodging, and meals. Requests for equipment upgrades will be considered as part of a getaway package. Wine-in-a-box you will have to get on your own.
  • Grantees will share a description of their travel/writing experience in a blog on the Book Architecture website.
  • Grantees will be required to sign a legal waiver stating that if anything happens to them while they are away it’s not our fault (duh).

Judging: Book Architecture has partnered with InkHouse to be the sole judges for this award. InkHouse is an integrated PR agency for innovative thinkers, creators and leaders who believe in the power of stories to effect positive change. We are satisfied with their judging criteria, and their decisions will be final. Book Architecture will be able to confirm that your submission was received and passed along…but that’s about it.

Comments (4)

  1. Beverly Jean Campbell says:

    I first should state that I do believe in serendipity. I am reading your email with this fortuitous opportunity while traveling alone and staying in a $45 a night hotel in Gubbio, Italy. Just this AM as I was driving here on a solo “reboot, revitalize and reprioritize” quest for the sake of my spirit and heard that voice which lives deep within us shout to me. I must admit it must have been my conscious or quilt which I have not been properly committed to or loyal enough to finishing a memoir I started 15 years ago during my vagabond quest of world travel and self discover which haunts me still. The journey until this point has proved too exhilarating and captivating to stop to record and then edit. But my need to share and produce a worthy child of a manuscript to go forth into universe to inspire others has recently taken a profound gripe on my resolve. My child of a manuscript is deep within it’s 9th month of gestation and if not birthed soon will be still born. Thus the impetus a grant from you would elicit would be galvanizing and a true stimulus. Validation is the food every artist graves.

    1. Stuart Horwitz says:

      Hello, Beverly Jean! Thank you for your interest and congratulations on taking your vocation as a writer so seriously. We look forward to receiving your submission!

  2. Wow! This is generous. I just stumbled upon it. Challenge now is deciding which of my two current projects to propose… 😀

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