We’ve curated our best editorial secrets and industry insights into a series of articles. They range from getting started through staying on track and grasping the publishing business. Put those fuzzy slippers on your feet, pull up a cushy armchair, and enjoy.

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The Non-Attachment of Querying

I have a client who got her agent with the first query letter she sent out. She actually had to part ways with this agent and then got her next agent again on the first, next query letter she sent out.

I have a client who got her agent with the one-hundredth query letter she sent out. I thought that was a rounded-up number so I asked her, “Judge, is that just a guesstimate on your part?” To which responded, “No, Stuart, I kept track. It was the one hundredth agent I queried…”




I have a clients who got their agent on their seventeenth try. On their sixth try. Who haven’t gotten agents at all.

The point is this: You will never know. And because you will never know, you can only do what is in your control which is to not get attached. Keep sending out your queries and continue unbowed through rejection and/or neglect.

It’s the only route to success.