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The Most Famous Person


It takes a certain kind of organization to make money and develop its people in equal measure. The national PR agency, InkHouse, recently created Hindsight 2020, a book of essays written by the team about moments of consciousness that opened them up to new points of view. According to CEO, Beth Monaghan, such moments of clarity are important in PR because new connections are the essence of stories; they are what allow someone else’s experience to exist next to our own. That is the very job of PR, to bring people and ideas together.

I was honored to write the Afterword to InkHouse’s Hindsight 2020, and to close the book launch with a reading of it. Here is me describing my moment of clarity—occasioned by having a drink with the most famous person I have ever met. In less than 600 words, because clarity also needs brevity.


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